my first blog post

My new release, Deidre’s Dawn: Book 1 of the Enchantment, was published on October 19, 2016.  It is available on under its title and the author pen name, J. Michael McFadden.  Please order books there for now.  With the help of my friends at Argon Press, I intend to allow website visitors to connect directly with Amazon in the near future.  The e-book version will also become available soon on Kindle(db)Deidre'sTestFull (1).  My website remains very basic and my blog posts may initially be irregular, but I hope you will keep in touch from time to time.  I currently am doing some review and editing of the manuscript for Rising Darkness, Book 2 of the Enchantment, a sequel scheduled for release in mid-2017.  Deidre’s Dawn is available locally in Michigan at Celtic Seasons in Grand Haven during seasonal hours.  It also is now available at Casey Irish Imports in Rocky River, Ohio.  It will be  on the shelves of the Muskegon Barnes and Noble in early 2017.  So allow yourself to delve into Deidre’s Dawn and enjoy the journey.  Deidre and Culain’s first millennium adventures in Ireland take them to the mysterious realm of enchantment, danger and redemption.  Join them.

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